About Fishers Island Union Chapel

Union Chapel is a year-round church providing spiritual nourishment in the Christian tradition for its congregation as well as outreach to the community and places beyond our shores.

Situated on beautiful Fishers Island, a quiet summer colony frequented for decades by families from all over the United States and the world, we welcome to our worship services pilgrims from different faith journeys.

Our congregation began in the late 1800’s when a number of the faithful gathered informally for worship.  In 1893, thirteen islanders created the “Fishers Island Union Chapel Society.”  The church soon became an integral part of island life. Relationships between Union Chapel and other churches on the island were forged early on and today the spirit of ecumenism remains strong as Union Chapel works together with other congregations in joint programs and ministries.

Under the leadership of the late Rev. Ralph Waite, who later became an actor known for his role on the television series The Waltons, the church joined ranks with the wider Congregational Church in 1958.  In 1962, Union Chapel affiliated with the United Church of Christ (UCC).

Union Chapel BellOur current building was constructed in 1967 after fire destroyed the original chapel.  The contemporary architecture provides us with an elegant, warm and light-filled sanctuary as well as a separate wing with classrooms, office space, a kitchen and attractive fellowship room.  Community organizations frequently use our space for meetings and presentations; we welcome the opportunity to host events that add to community life.  The steeple bell from the original building graces a niche outside our building.  We keep this as a reminder of the privilege of serving the island for over one hundred years, and look to the future for continued opportunities to do God’s work locally while maintaining a commitment to help meet needs around the world.

Leadership & Staff