Chapel Happenings: Summer 2020 Newsletter

Chapel Happenings: Summer 2020 Newsletter

Dear Friends,

There is nothing like June weather on Fishers Island! At last the chilly spring has given way to warm air, blue skies, and lush, sunlit greenery. No wonder those of us who make an annual pilgrimage to Fishers like to arrive in time for June – the start of all good things of summer!
This June, however, it seems world events would interfere with our usual idyllic experience. The Island is grappling with pandemic prevention, and even here we have been dealing in church and community with the recent horrific acts of racial injustice. There was a large but peaceful protest on our green a few weeks ago, a first such event for Fishers. The question is whether these things are disruptions, or are they potentially “good things” in some way?

Not good, of course, in terms of the losses – but good because they have things to teach us, namely how human we are. The virus reminds us of our frailty; Black Lives Matter reminds us of our sin and brokenness. We feel our great imperfection as we acknowledge the threat of contagion, as we witness the killing of George Floyd on camera, and even feel remorse if we see ourselves in the assertion of protestors that white people just don’t get it.

Feeling our vulnerability means that these historic events offer us a chance to enter more fully into the design for our lives God intends: dependency on God. Ultimately it is God who can provide the hope, healing, and unity we seek for our lives and for our world, and guide us to fulfill God’s will. Jesus was not put off by the many serious needs of the people who came to him: the marginalized, the victimized, those who were sick. And through him their lives were transformed. No wonder Paul writes in a letter to Corinth that God’s power is “made perfect in weakness“ (II Cor. 12:9).
So our nation’s struggles right now may be pressing in – but for Christians, we may rediscover that through the grace of God this great moment of weakness holds the possibility of redemption.

I wish you each a very good (and safe!) summer in all the traditional ways – and the assurance that good things will come as we turn more and more to God who loves us for help. May God’s grace and peace be with you, your family, and your friends – in abundance this season. And hope to see you soon!

Yours in Christ,

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