Fishers Island Union Chapel extends warm wishes to all for a Happy Thanksgiving

Fishers Island Union Chapel extends warm wishes to all for a Happy Thanksgiving

During these tumultuous times, this annual holiday is a wonderful reminder of the power of gratitude to help us transcend our personal struggles, and view the world around us in a more positive light.

May this “giving thanks” day be a moment to count the many ways we are blessed by God, and help us stay mindful of the truth that the goodness that comes from God never runs out.


Dear Friends,

This is just a note to say that wherever Thanksgiving finds you this year, I hope that you fully enjoy it. We sure need it, don’t we? A chance to pause and to give thanks to God for the things we may have taken for granted before experiencing such a sad and stressful year. So please, don’t hold back: let us summon all our thanksgivings and release them boldly to God. Our praises make openings in us for God to fill. And we may well need it in the coming weeks and months since we are not “there” yet.

I have included a prayer below for you should you be looking for something as you gather with your cohort — even if it is just you and the Lord this Thanksgiving.

No matter how you celebrate, you are not alone. No matter if it is just a take-out or bring-over meal, God delivers us to abundant life. No matter what you regret or fear this Thanksgiving, God has it covered. Yea, there is much to be grateful for.

This Sunday we will be worshipping as always at 10 am– look for an email from me late Friday or Saturday with more info. We will continue to give God our thanks, and pray for those in the fight against COVID-19.

Happy Thanksgiving!





O God,

As we celebrate Thanksgiving in this strange year,
apart from those we love and separate from familiar traditions,
we are still made glad by the good news of your love
for us and for all.
We thank you for creating us
and giving us all that is necessary for life.
We thank you for your action in Christ
by which our lives are measured, found wanting, and renewed.
We thank you for keeping us safe, and for blessings too many count.
Help us to remember your gifts
that we may praise you with lives of joy and service;
through Jesus Christ.  Amen.

(Based on a Prayer of Thanksgiving from the United Church of Christ Book of Worship)


All are welcome at our worship services Sundays at 10 am via Zoom. Just contact the church to be added to our link list!

We also invite you to help us carry out our mission even during the pandemic.